This little establishment on La Brea gets my vote for best burger in LA.  The bun truly is a site to behold, it’s got pop art icon to be all over it.

I had the Umami burger, but there are a few other kids of signature burgers at this zen, minimalist styled spot.  The food is delish (filling, without being too much) and the vibe is chill.   They have ice-cream sandwiches for dessert. ‘Nuff said.

It’s a burgers and some apps kinda place (fries, onion rings, etc.) and they don’t serve booze so its not the place you will hang all night, but go for a bite.  Since its new and kinda mom and pop-ish, it runs out of stuff like Cola (I went on a Sunday night), but its actually kinda charming. Root beer and Ginger ale were more than acceptable substitutions to me.  There can be a line at night, but don’t worry about parking, there is a valet.  It is LA after all.

The waiter told me Umami means satisfaction, that it is the 5th taste.  All you need to know is that its frickin good.

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