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Dragon Gate USA is Set to Make it's Philadelphia Debut


To most of us pro wrestling is about Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, and laying a can of whoop ass! But to Japan and Mexico pro wrestling is a different sport of high flying daredevil action that has garnered a huge following. And when Dragongate USA lands in Philadelphia for the first time on July 25th most pro wrestling fans are going to be exposed to something that’s completely different.

Dragon Gate’s roots started in Mexico in 1997. It became a Japanese-based promotion in 1999, before adopting the Dragon Gate name in 2004. Dragon Gate has rapidly grown and holds over 250 shows per year in Japan with crowds as big as 10,000 people. Now in 2009 Dragon Gate is branching out to the United States with Dragon Gate USA.

Dragon Gate USA will give the fans first class treatment while presenting a cutting-edge style. DGUSA puts an emphasis on athletic skill and competitive match-ups. DGUSA features charismatic stars in intriguing situations. We will operate under the motto of “Evolve, Progress, Appreciation.” This was influenced by Dragon Gate’s principles.

Evolve: The athletes of DGUSA are always looking to push the limits of what is possible inside the squared circle. These stars lead the industry with a revolutionary approach.

Progress: DGUSA strives to move forward towards our goals. We deliver the best in ring action and provide the finest customer service.

Appreciation: You are our first priority. You will get high-end wrestling coupled with five star treatment. Thank you.

For the first time ever R5 Productions has decided to form a working partnership with a sporting promotion, and will be helping to sell tickets. The event will be going on at The Arena, which is a place that many old school wrestling fans still call the ECW Arena. While the event has a card that predominately showcases the roster of Dragongate, CHIKARA will also be on had with an 8 man tag team showcase. the first few rows are sold out, but there are still many tickets left.

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