I wrote about this last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the number of people who’ve applied so far. Lots of great submissions and selecting the best has been difficult indeed.

However, since this is vacation season I wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anybody, so I’m posting this list of qualifications and expectations one more time just in case:

  • You must understand the basics of blogging (linking to other sites, embedding pictures and video, etc.), and having a blog is preferred but not absolutely necessary.
  • Good grammar and punctuation skills are a must.
  • You can be affiliated with any political party or none at all. However, realize that this is a site that hews closer to the middle, so if you believe that the government should take over all means of production or perhaps you think the US should be converted into a religious state, well, you may not want to apply.
  • You should be willing to commit to a minimum of 5 posts per week.
  • If you’re engaged in multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, etc.) and are willing to use them to promote your posts, that would be a big plus.
  • Be able to interact with the commenters on your posts and keep the conversation on track.
  • Stay true to the spirit of the site and always make sure you keep your arguments sharp and your language clean.
  • Opportunities for compensation may develop as we get closer to election season, but for right now these spots are unpaid.

So, if you’re interested, drop me at line at justin at donklephant dot com and let’s talk. I’ll be making my decision on who will join the team this week and will announce it next Monday, July 14th…the 4th anniversary of the site’s launch!

Stay tuned…

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