If you’re like me, you’ve had your tickets for American Idols Live for months. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it. What can I say? Last season captivated me in a way the show never had before—and the top 10, who just launched their tour in Portland last night, still have plenty of drawing power. But if you never got around to buying tickets to the tour’s stop at Oakland’s Oracle Arena on Saturday, you’re in luck! Tickets are still available. That is, at the time of this post; I make no guarantees, so get them while you can!

Tickets are a whopping $63.25, plus other charges. But hey, you get to see all your “American Idol” favorites, including winner Kris Allen and (arguably more successful) runner-up Adam Lambert! If you can’t splurge on a guilty pleasure, what can you splurge on?

Photo courtesy Fox.

Community Tickets Still Available for American Idols Live in Oakland