We told you that The Script will be the opening act for Paul McCartney at Citi Field (the replacement for Shea Stadium) on July 17th, 18th and 21st, and then for U2 in Dublin.
What we didn’t say is that those unable or unwilling to score tickets for McCartney can see The Script at Webster Hall on August 13th. They will be performing with Parachute.
The Script is an Irish trio formed in 2005 known for such rap and soul inflected songs as We Cry and Breakeven.
Sample lyrics:
“Mary’s ambition, she wants to be a politician
She’s been dreaming about it since she was a girl
She thought that she’d be the one who could change the world
Always trying to pave the way for women in a man’s world
But life happened, house, kids, 2 cars, husband hits the jar
Checks that don’t go very far now
Now she ain’t making changes, she keeps her mind on her wages
The only rattling cages are her own
Together we cry”

Here’s an odd anecdote we picked up from Rolling Stone Magazine:
The Script vocalist and keyboard player Danny O’Donoghue had a father named Shea (!), who was a member of a band called the Debonairs — for which The Beatles once served as the opening act(!!) “One night, my dad walked into their dressing room and asked, ‘Is everybody treating you right?’, like you do with a support act. And John Lennon said, No mate, can you get us a couple of chips and burgers?’ So my dad took care of them that night.”

More about The Script: Two of the band members, Danny O’Donoghue and guitarist Mark Sheehan spent four years as teenagers working in recording studios in the United States because they couldn’t find the music they liked — R&B, soul — in their native Ireland.

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