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Free Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Every Month. Go!


There is art, tons of people, free alcohol, great weather and the great buildings of Downtown L.A.  It’s called a win-win people.

I mean, I knew there is a Downtown that everyone says is happening and cool, and I knew there is a lot of art in LA that everyone says is cool, and I knew there were a lot of different people in LA, but I’ve never seen it all come together like at the Downtown Art Walk last Thursday night.  Great times.

At its core about a 10 block radius became filled with all sorts of people going in and out of galleries, heading down alley ways to hear bands play and then when this has been too much, sit in the outdoor cafes and eat and drink and hang with friends.  And you find out about other things to do in LA with all the flyering people do, the Film Festivals, other art galleries, bands etc., and a lot of it is free, too.  (After a while I stopped looking at what I was taking and when I came home I discovered in my loot of handouts were many condoms in covert wrapping thanks to Planned Parenthood.)

Most galleries offer wine while you checked out the art, so you could even drink for free.  

I had no idea that many people actually hung out downtown at all…let alone all at the same time. This well-organized outdoor street festival is a great thing to do, especially in the summer.  Who am I kidding, it’s always summer in L.A.  

It’s all day, from Noon til 9pm, though I went around 7pm and it was packed.

Free wine, tons of people, art (I’m not going to offer a rating as there was so much of it, and art is personal) and the lovely architecture of downtown provides a great free option for you the second Thursday each month.