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Psychedelic Space Rockers The Flaming Lips are set to Invade Penn's Landing August 29th


Whether it’s their heavily tripped out tenth album “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”; or the bizarre movie “Christmas on Mars” which frontman Wayne Coyne had written, directed, and starred in; The Flaming Lips have always been doing some cosmic things. But Philadelphia is a city that the Oklahoma City rockers have always managed to hold true to, And Penn’s Landing has seemingly been their Philly home base. They had played a free show here a couple years back, and they were one of the major headliners for last years Jam On The River festival. So when the band returns on August 29th it’s destined to be huge.

But the show is so huge that it’s destined to have Explosions In The Sky, literally. The instrumental post-rock band with an experimental edge from Austin, Texas are currently on tour with the Space Rockers. also adding onto thew cosmic tinged lineup will be the experimental prog band Stardeath and White Dwarfs, who have quite the history with The Flaming Lips. After spending the last few years traversing the galaxy as the road crew for fellow Oklahomans The Flaming Lips, these four young men have gained a collective lifetime worth of knowledge and experience while inadvertently inhaling enough helium and confetti to power a free-floating circus of their own. Good thing you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to see this spacy show!

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