Mouth-watering aromas. Produce fresh from the field. Amish specialties. Fresh meats, seafood, and poultry. Unique, hand-made pottery, jewelry and crafts from around the world. The hustle and bustle of a multitude of diverse people. It’s all here in Philadelphia’s historic farmers market, Reading Terminal Market. An exhilarating selection of baked goods, meats, poultry, seafood, produce, flowers, ethnic foods, cookware and eclectic restaurants are peppered throughout the Market. We invite you to explore this unique and extraordinary historic farmers market in Center City Philadelphia.

The Reading Terminal is a haven for all kinds of food, as well as wonderful arts and crafts. So it can be more than difficult to walk around in when your an outsider. so here is a look at some of the distinct places to look for that are a cut above the rest.

Downtown Cheese – Already featured in our list of the Top Five Places to shop for cheese in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Cheese) as number one. But Jack Morgan and his crew are just so efficient that it just deserves to be mentioned twice. It really does usually have the best selection too.

Dutch Eating Place – It’s hard to mention the market without mentioning any of it’s Pennsylvania Dutch vendors. But that’s not the only reason to mention The Dutch Eating Place. it’s more on this list because of it’s amazing blueberry buckwheat pancakes, it’s mouth watering bacon cheeseburger with home cut fries, and it’s HUGE homemade apple dumplings!

Nanee’s Kitchen – The Terminal definitely has a diverse amount of Ethnic selections. but Nanee’s is one that tends to stand out. it might not have the best Indian Food, but it does have some that’s a cut above most fast food Indian. But what makes it especially stand out is it’s own special line of Lassi drinks which comes in five flavors.

Profi’s Creperie – for super-sized crepe sandwiches Profi’s is one of the best places to go in the city. It has a wide variety of crepes that cater to vegetarian’s, meat lovers, and fans of seafood and breakfast. But they also have a ton of crepes that indulge upon your sweet tooth.

Flying Monkey Patisserie – The Flying Monkey might just be a contender for best dessert place in all of Philadelphia. while it caters to just about every variety of dessert (they even make chocolate truffles!) it’s specialties are by far their brownies and cupcakes. they have things like the Monkey Bar (chocolate & banana), an espresso bean cupcake, Santa Fe brownies with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, and Nutty Boozer Brownies which have a healthy dose of Glenlivet. Flying Monkey

The Cookbook Stall – it’s not all about feeding your stomach at the Reading Terminal. and The Cookbook Stall is good proof of that since it’s about feeding your mind some new recipes. They might just have the biggest selection of cookbooks in the world! Cookbook Stall

Harry G. Ochs and Sons – easily one of the best family butchers in Philadelphia. they even make things like a homemade stuffing, an Italian Sausage stuffed chicken breast, a fillet of beef wrapped in bacon, and they specialize in selling free range capons! Ochs and Sons

Iovine Brothers Produce – not only do they sell some of the freshest produce in Philadelphia, they also usually have the best deals. they offer Retail and wholesale of fresh fruits and vegetables including organic, specialty and boutique. Exotic mushrooms, dried fruits and nuts. Fruit basket and trays. Iovine Brothers

Chocolate by Mueller – Family owned and operated since 1980 in the Philadelphia area. They focus on hand made old fashioned chocolates. They have a display kitchen and make our chocolates and candies on site. they even have chocolate molds for things like a human heart and a cheesesteak! Mueller Chocolate

Spataro’s – Ending on a slightly different note then expected. But that’s exactly Spataro’s has been getting it’s recognition. When Rick’s Cheesesteaks and the Reading Terminal Market had differences and Rick’s moved on many thought that the Terminal was going to be left with a void as far a cheesesteaks are concerned. But Spataro’s has been filling hole quite nicely. It has been in the terminal forever and used to sell buttermilk. And now it is a huge sandwich shop that has several different varieties. You might not find cheese Whiz, but most of us locals find it nasty anyway. and you can never go wrong with freshly sliced provolone!

This list may be done at ten. But that’s because part of the fun of the terminal is checking out your own places and getting a feel of it for yourself. and that’s why it also mentioned some obvious choices that people have heard of, as well as some of the not so obvious.

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