Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s unique voiced front man Alec Ounsworth has decided to go solo, and even more bizarrely, will be releasing a blues album. Mo Beauty will be released via Anti on October 20th and will feature prominent blues artists from New Orleans. The track listing is as follows.

1. “Modern Girl (…With Scissors)”
2. “Bones in the Grave”
3. “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song for New Orelans”
4. “That is not my Home (After Bruegel)”
5. “Idiots in the Rain”
6. “South Philadelphia (Drug Days)”
7. “What Fun.”
8. “Me and You, Watson”
9. “Obscene Queen Bee #2”
10. “When You’ve No Eyes”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah had a pretty bizarre break up to begin with. The band said they broke up last winter and, instead of working on a new album, started planning a final show. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah appeared a month later on Jimmy Fallon with a new song, so no one really knows what is happening with the popular indie group.

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