Yes, the very same actors…but this time they might actually help get health reform passed.

Also, from the sound of the script, it appears as if they’re putting more pressure on Republicans to pass this than Dems…

As Louise and her “husband” — actually Harry Johnson — sat around the kitchen table, they pounded the message that Americans should not abandon health reform this time. “Looks like we may finally get health care reform,” Harry says. “It’s about time,” Louise responds. She complains about the cost of health insurance: “We need good coverage people can afford, coverage they can get –” Harry, finishing her sentence, says, “– even if they have a pre-existing condition.” Louise wraps up the conversation by urging a “little more cooperation and a little less politics, and we can get the job done this time.”

One additional thing that’s different this time around is the fact that the original Harry and Louise ads ran for nearly a year and encompassed a bunch of different spots. These new one seem to be only running for a couple weeks at most.

So is this what happens when you bring interest groups to the table early and often?

(h/t: National Journal)

Politics Harry And Louise Are Back