Since 2007, the enterprising DC filmmakers behind The Warehouse theater’s “Guerilla Film School” have been operating The Washington Film Institute and presenting a slate of obscure, artistic fare throughout the year. This Friday, July 31st, however, the subject matter will be getting especially topical as Iran’s recent political upheaval is seen through the lens of the nation’s own pop culture.

For ten bucks, The WFI’s “Iran Film Night” – to be held at the Carnegie Institute at 1530 P Street, NW – will get you a double feature, a performance of traditional Persian music and a tribute in honor of the unwitting martyrs and political prisoners at the center of Iran’s ongoing mass demonstrations. In the words of the WFI, “Bring a candle.”

The evening will be book-ended by two films from Iranian director Mohammad Ali Sajjadi and rarely seen in the West: a crime thriller entitled, appropriately enough, Crime (pictured), and Ethereal, a supernatural mystery.

A half hour set from American University-commended, classical Persian musician, Roya Bahrami, will proceed the evening’s vigil. Barahmi, who has toured throughout the United States and Europe, is known for employing such little known native instruments as the santur, tar, daf and zarb – with a bit a sitar thrown in for good measure.

For more information or to purchase tickets, check out the WFI at their own site or on Facebook.

The Washington Film Institute Presents: Iran Film Night
Carnegie Institution
1530 P St, NW (16&P) MAP
Tickets $12 @ Door
7:30 PM

Culture Movies, Music and…Strife: Iranian Culture Up-Close with the Washington Film Institute