Alderman Thomas Tunney, of the 44th Ward,  has proposed that peddlers be banned from selling merchandise  anywhere within a two-block area around Wrigley Field.“It’s a public saftey issue,” Tunney said. “You can’t walk to the park.”


There is already a peddler ban, as these guys are not allowed on the sidewalks that surround the immediate perimeter of the ballpark on Addison, Clark, Waveland and Sheffield. However, Tunney’s proposal asks the city to extend the ban across the street, as well. The new boundaries would include:

  • Addison and Waveland between Wilton and Racine

  • Clark and Sheffield between Newport and Grace

This ban would begin two hours before and end two hours after baseball games or concerts, and it would apply to all types of vendors (food, t-shirts, etc). However, if peddlers want to stand on private property (say, on their buddy’s front lawn), they may continue to do so.

Residents and bar/restaurant/store owners have complained about the blocking of foot traffic before. And it is becoming increasingly difficult for fans to get from the Red Line to Wrigley Field. Should these vendors be kicked off the Wrigleyville streets?

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