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Beastie Boys Tour Cancelled; Upcoming Album Release Date Pushed

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The Beastie Boys upcoming tour was cancelled due to Member MCA, a.k.a Adam Yauchs cancer of the Salivary Glad, announced today.  They have pushed back the release of their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 as well.  Yauch turns 45 on August 5.  Click here to see the announcement.  

In typical Beastie Fashion there was laughing and good spirits at the casual announcement, and jokes.  Adam actually apologized to the fans for the inconvenience.  More reasons to love these guys. 

In short there is good news and that is that it’s localized and wont effect his voice. In better news, he seems to be in good spirits and has his friends and family around him.  He’s got doctors doing their thing and he is having surgery next week for it, followed by treatments.

The album was to be released September 15, which has been pushed to a date tbd.   The tour has been cancelled.

The Beastie Boys formed in 1979 as a punk band originally called The Young Aborigines.  After Yauch joined the name changed to The Beastie Boys and then serious awesomeness reigned.  (Interesting to note: both YB and early BB had a woman on drums, Kate Schellenbach, who was later in the band Luscious Jackson.  Can we call them a feminist band now?)  With albums from Licenced to Ill to Paul’s Boutique to Hello Nasty, they are legends in music and Hip Hop.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary they are credited with the first published use of the phrase ‘mullet’.  ‘Nuff said.

Yauch can be seen on the far right in the photo above.  I thought to put a pic of him separate, but its the Beastie Boys, thats like PB with no J.  It doesn’t make sense to post one without the others. And as you see in the announcement with Adam and Adam, these guys are tight.

As Yauch said in the announcement they will be back doing their thing soon.  I know we all look forward to that.