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Free NYC Dessert Fest's Monthly Meeting This and Every Sunday


bakedgoodsFree walking tours based around desserts? Yes, go on and raise and eyebrow. But it’s true. OK, maybe there is a request of a $5 donation to help the NYC Food Bank, which is a totally worthwhile cause, but getting the inside scoop on the most delicious desserts in NYC are hardly a thing to whimper about $5 over. Every penny goes to the Food Bank, so you can feel good while eating even better.

This Sunday, July 26th, and one Sunday a month for every month as far as the brain can reach, meet your red-capped tour guide from Walking Tours Manhattan at Madeleine Patisserie for a 5 stop walking tour of delectable delights around the city. The first stop is a small Parisian bakery known for having the the freshest macaroons, followed by a dense Belgian brownie, then a totally original pretzel croissant, followed byt gourmet chocolates, and finished off with home-made gelato. Sounds like a drooling good time to me!