tequila1Now we all know tequila is the work of the devil, and we usually save it for bachelorette parties, Cinco de Mayo, and other times when we go completely mad, but this Friday is National Tequila Day, so it’s time to whip it out again! And what better way than with free tequila? Mad Dog & Beans proudly presents free tequila (you must RSVP here, though) in honor of this festive occasion. Don’t miss out.

Luckily, in honor of this celebration, you will be honored to have not just any old tequila, but good tequila. The event is sponsored by Patron and 1921, which we should all know make some very good tequilas. Goodie bags will also be given away, and don’t forget to check out the yummy menu. Eating is clutch if you’re going to imbibe, Just remember, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

Home Culture Free Tequila for National Tequila Day on Friday!


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