The 46-date, 15th Annual Vans Warped Tour will hit Invesco Field on Sunday, August 9th. A tour incorporating music and extreme sports, it is held in venues like Invesco where the many stages and other structures can be erected. The BMX/skateboarding shoe manufacturer Vans is the sponsor, thus the name. The tour started out as a showcase for punk rock music, but its more recent line-ups have run the gamut.

One change from years past is that this year’s tour will feature only one main stage with bands playing 40 minutes each instead of two main stages with 30 minute sets like previous years.

Local boys done good “3Oh!3” will perform along with… well… since there are more bands performing than I could possibly list here, I will utilize my race track method and choose some winners based solely on whether or not I like their name. And they are:

Virgin Pancakes
Thelonious Monster
The Bouncing Souls
Superman Is Dead
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure
I Set My Friends On Fire
Awkward Silence

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