Competitive eating, prepare to meet your fiercest opponent yet: the mighty South Street cheesesteak.

Come 6 pm on Saturday, September 19th, throngs shall gather at Bethesda dive bar/roustabout hangout, the Saphire Cafe (which also just happens to host a pretty kickin’ trivia night every Wednesday) for the Whiz Bowl IV – which, in the words of the event’s sponsor, South Street Steaks, will consist of “15 hellish minutes of eating cheesesteaks with cheez whiz only…simple as that.”

And the screening process for contestants with the mettle to meet that challenge has already begun…and only twelve shall be chosen. Any future “lucky” winner of the Whiz Bowl must first pass South Street’s rigorous online application (available here) that includes such pertinent info as weight, nickname and…greatest eating accomplishment. In the words of the company brass, to earn place at the trough…er, table, those submissions “better be impressive.”


There will a $20 entrance fee for those selected and whoever woofs down the most steak, whiz and sub rolls within the allotted time will be rewarded with a $250 grand prize and the honor of having conquered what’s already being dubbed “the grossest eating competition Maryland has ever seen.”

For information on the Whiz Bowl, check out South Street Steaks’ homepage. As always, you can find them in Bethesda (until 3 am!) at 4846 Cordell Avenue or at their Gaithersburg location to sample the goods for yourself.

Sports Whiz Bowl IV: “The Grossest Eating Competition Maryland Has Ever Seen”