The first annual Denver Beer Fest will take place place September 18- September 27 and all I can say is… it’s about d*mn time! Micro and macro (Coors) breweries long ago made the trapezoidal zone between Denver, Golden, Boulder and Fort Collins a beer-drinker’s paradise. I don’t know about this “Napa Valley of Beer” or “Munich of the West” talk. It’s a way to get the notice of the fly-over crowd, I suppose, who might otherwise think the Front Range is all cows and ski bums.

Regardless, this should be a fun event. As the organizer, the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau puts it: “The 10-day celebration of all things beer will include beer tastings at restaurants, beer-paired dinners, ‘meet the brewer’ nights, beer tappings, brewery tours and a variety of entertaining beer events including Oktoberfest and the Great American Beer Festival!”

The Great American Beer Festival, of course, is a huge event in its own right and will be held in Denver (as it has been for the last 26 years) Sept. 24-26. The GABF is the largest beer festival in the world in
terms of the number of beers available for sampling. The festival attracts visitors from across the globe; last year, some 46,000
people attended. Hopefully, some of them will come early and get in on the local action at the Denver Beer Fest.

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