Dejha Colantuono celebrates the release of her first solo album, Tea & Vodka, with a CD release party at the Sunset Tavern on July 28. She’s following up with a few more dates after that. For those of you who follow the Seattle music scene, you’ll know Dejha from 3-D, S&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples and Ragazza.

At the Sunset show, she’ll be joined on stage by friends Jason Finn of Presidents of the United States of America (on drums) and Kimberly Morrison of The Duchess and the Duke (on backing vocals) The show also features: DJ Vaneetz, Shawn Smith (Brad, Pigeonhed). Tickets are $7.00.

Tea & Vodka was produced by Matt Bayles whose credits include Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Isis and Russian Circles at Red Room Studios in Seattle (These Arms Are Snakes, Planes Mistaken For Stars).

Let’s be honest: I’m the last person who should be reviewing an Indie Rock CD. But I like power pop songs with good solid upbeat hooks, and I think a couple of tracks on here, such as Color Blue and Anxiety, are absolutely spot on for my iPod.

“Dejha’s voice is what drew me to the project. Whether she is belting out a track or singing quietly in your ear, there is a vocal quality that not many people are capable of.” —Matt Bayles

“Dejha’s vocals are smoky and powerful, and the band’s pop punk meets rock ‘n’ roll is always catchy and fun.”–10 Things Zine

  • Jul 28 @ Sunset Tavern in Seattle
  • Jul 30 @ Beale Street Bar in San Francisco (canceled)
  • Aug 27 @ Alphabet Lounge in New York
  • Sep 11 @ All Asia Bar in Cambridge, MA
  • Sep 30 @ El Cid in Los Angeles

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