A couple of weeks ago The Beatniks played a free concert of classic rock at U Village for the Sounds of Summer Concert Series, and as I live close by I thought I’d check it out. The scant information on the website didn’t say exactly where in U Village the concert was being held, so of course by the time I parked and started walking I realized I had parked as far away as humanly possible from the venue. To save you from that fate (or help you if you fancy some exercise), the concerts are being staged at the north end of U Village in front of Crate & Barrel. If you aren’t that familiar with U Village, click on this link for a map.

The Sounds of Summer Concert Series will be held every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, and while two concerts have already taken place, there are four left in the series. They’re all worth going to see, but a couple of them really have me excited.

It isn’t really summer around here without Seattle band The Dusty 45s playing somewhere. They’re a busy and popular group and they’ll play on Wednesday, July 29.

The Beatles tribute band? The Beatles sound-alike band? Both really, and a lot of fun. The Nowhere Men entertain the crowd on Wednesday, August 5.

This next concert, on Wednesday, August 12, has my knickers in a bunch. You can pay to see The Paperboys when they play at the Triple Door on August 8, or you can see them for free at U Village. U choose. File my love for this band under Celtic / Mexican / Latin / Folk / Acoustic / Alt-Country / Roots / Soul / Pop.

His website says, “If you know reggae music, you know Clinton ‘Basie’ Fearon.” If you don’t know Clinton Fearon and The Boogie Brown Band but attend the last concert in the series on Wednesday, August 19 anyway, you’re in for a roots reggae treat. I can’t recommend him highly enough, but click here for some clips if you need more convincing.

Food vendors sell reasonably priced bites and there are tables to hang out at and enjoy the show, as well as space in the front for those who just have to dance. There’s also a separate beer garden on the east side of the venue in front of The Ram and The Apple Store. This is a well put-together, fun, and family friendly event series at U Village, perfect for summer and perfectly priced (free) for a recession.

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