Remember when I said I wanted to show things in L.A. that are cool?  Well, I think having our own L.A. based circus troupe is just that.  Especially since this isn’t the Barnum and Bailey you grew up seeing, the press release urges Parental Discretion is advised.  Cirque Berzerk was born in 2005 in the Nevada Desert experience that is Burning Man and has been entertaining crowds ever since.   The freaky, dark circus has played other locations but apparently Downtown Los Angeles is not willing to give it up, as the popular show has been extended for a second time, keeping it around until August 9th.  

Cirque Berzerk takes place at the Los Angeles State Park on N. Spring Street downtown, which is a fitting location for the dark and odd cirque.  Near-ish Dodger Stadium, in a spot formerly known as ‘The Cornfield’, the Big Top Tent features a show that they themselves say isn’t exactly for kids (although according to the site, Twilight loving tween and teens can go.)  While it features circus regulars as firebreathers and stilt walkers, it’s dark tone is a walk on the macabre side with acts titled ‘Lust’, ‘Evil’, ‘Death’ and ‘Siren’.   What else would you expect from a show titled ‘Beneath’.

As their site says, ‘Inside our bizarro big top world is a netherworld filled with phantasmagoric visions that will grope at your senses and oddities that are bound to scorch the very tips of your soul.’

Until August 9th…

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