Philadelphia is no stranger to holding races. The Manayunk Bike Race, and it’s 2K Run might just be two of the largest within the nation. But The Read Bull Block To Block Race that’s sponsored by 215 Magazine on August 15th might just be the only race that is 33% running, 33% biking, and 33% Skateboarding. And It might just be the only race where the destinations lead to special block parties throughout the city.

The only race that combines biking, running and skating while bringing you through Philly’s hottest block parties at Nocturnal, Mausoleum and The Piazza. The catch? You’ll have to know Philly in order to win this race as there is no pre-determined route. You decide how to get from one party point to the other, but make sure you stay on either your feet, board, or bike (no public transportation allowed!). You must complete the necessary steps at each block party check point before moving on to the next leg of the race. Your biggest challenge may be convincing yourself to leave the block parties, which will each feature some of Philly’s top talent. The separate individual and team completing the race the fastest will be judged the winner(s).

The race starts at Clark Park in West Philadelphia, and the parties will lead you to different destinations throughout the city. It might take you to Nocturnal Skateshop on 3rd & Bainbridge, or it might take you to Mad Decent’s warehouse on 12th & Spring Garden. Or your could end up at Two One Five’s special party at the Piazza.The parties are open to the public, so you can even attend if your not participating in the race.

The Rules
• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Must pre-register in order to participate
• All participants must sign an event waiver prior to the race
• Must follow the legal rules of the road90
• No use of public transportation by participants
• Must complete required activity and get stamped at each check point prior to moving
onto the next leg of the race
• Racers must not litter, mar or pollute landscape, environment or other vehicles

Want in on the action? You have options, my friend. Individual and Team categories are both available. You have the opportunity to complete the course on your own (ending with a well-deserved celebration at the Piazza) or compete with friends (feeling good about yourself for getting some exercise, but allowing yourself more time to partake in the block party celebrations).

Rede Bull Block to Block

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