Image courtesy of Worthington Libraries
Image courtesy of Worthington Libraries

If you’re heading to Grant Park this weekend for Lollapalooza, and a young man approaches you asking to give you a hug, fear not. It’s just the act of one guy trying to break a world record while helping a wonderful cause. John Geary, a musician and environmentalists is partnering up with Friends of the Chicago River, a non-profit who works to improve the health of the Chicago River to bring attention to a worthy cause this weekend.

John will have a tent outside the gates to the mammoth music festival this Saturday, August 8th in Grant Park, attempting to break the world record of “Most Hugs Given Out By One Person in a 24-hour Period.” The record currently stands at 5,001, so Geary has his work cutout for him. But his goal is doable, given the fact that in just one day last year Lollapalooza saw crowds of 75,000 people.

Geary is trying to raise awareness to the importance of how we manage our water systems, and is using a simple act of human contact to make an impact on how we recognize and think of our surroundings.

You can check out his site, Hugs for Water, for more information and to donate to his campaign, and if you’re heading to Grant Park, make sure to look for his tent, say hello, and give him a big hug.

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