So, I’m driving down Beverly and I hear on the radio (yes, I do listen) something about The Cranberries having a new album coming out in September.  The DJ is so excited he almost forgets to promo the food that is sponsoring that part of the show, and then Linger plays.  Since there is no rewinding on the radio (if TV can do it so can that little dial), I was psyched at the news and came home to find out all the details.  What I discovered is why people listen to Sat radio, because they don’t hear part of something and get it wrong.  Apparently it’s not the whole band, but the lead singer Dolores O’Riordan who has a new album out August 25, 2009, called No Baggage.  Still good though, her voice makes those songs. 

In Cranberries news, per them they are gonna do something, sometime.  Ah, musicians.

O’Riordan has a US Tour starting September 23 in Montreal (I’m gonna leave that alone, but that is exactly what the website says), which hits Los Angeles on October 12th. Tickets for that show go on sale 2 days ago.

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