Skimming through a movie industry daily this week I noticed something funny about it’s events photo page: the most noticable pic, both size and scale, was of the cupcakes at a premiere.  They were plentiful and colorful and beautifully laid out: yes, the cupcakes made me wish I was there.

My how the tiny treat has grown.

For sure it all started in NYC with my local Magnolia Bakery, but now L.A. is a haven for cupcake makers as well (there are even vegan and gluten free ones, so L.A.)  Most neighborhoods have their own spot and most people have their own favorite flavor.  There is Sprinkes in Beverly Hills, Crumbs in Larchmont, etc.  Cupcakes have become so popular even small lunch shops are getting in on the craze, like La Provence on Olympic make their own.  Recently downtown at the art fair, I noticed a woman from a downtown spot offering free samples of hers (Red Velvet, so yummy! Too bad I lost her card, but it was somewhere in the heart of downtown if you are wandering around in need.)

So it makes sense that cupcakes are now starring at movie premieres, they have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity.  And since the line to buy them often goes out the door of shops, retrieving the little treats is entreating on movie going as the L.A. afternoon activity.

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