In a big city like Philadelphia there’s plenty of fun things to do to keep your free time occupied. But fortunately not all of these things come with a hefty price tag, and many of them are free of charge. Here’s a list of some of these offerings that stand out. The last entry (Free and Inexpensive Fun in Philly Part 1)) put together five good examples. But there are still plenty more. So by popular demand here’s a look at more of them.

Danger Danger Gallery- Most concert venues these days either happen in overcrowded stadiums that don’t quite cater to the audience, or smaller venues that don’t quite cater to the musicians playing (most). But it’s the house venue scene the that to cater to both as best as possible. And in the case of Philadelphia, it was the Danger! Danger! House, and now the Danger Danger Gallery that does it the best. Every show is costs the sliding scale of a $5-10 donation, and it has a vast selection of diverse touring and local acts play it on a weekly basis. On top of that it doubles over as a great gallery spot. Danger Danger Gallery

Bring Your Own Chair Film Series – Whip out your folding chair and gather your friends for the South Street Headhouse District‘s Summer Film Series. Bring back the drive-in memories of outdoor movies, complete with milkshakes, fries, and fifty’s diner hats provided by Johnny Rockets, during the series kick-off screening of Grease- the perfect way to spend a summer night.
Every Wednesday night at dark, gather under the historic shambles at 2nd and Pine Streets, Philadelphia’s oldest marketplace, for a night the whole family can enjoy. Starting June 24 through September 9, the rich and diverse businesses that make up the Premier Entertainment District will sponsor the screenings; featuring films that reflect music, art and culture- the roots that the Headhouse District thrives on. Accompanying these films will be food and drink specials, thematic dress codes and fun activities to participate in. Most importantly, admission into this Philadelphia film series is FREE! Bring Your Own Chair Film Series

The Piazza At Schmidt’s – It was already covered in depth beforehand(Piazza on Culturemob). But there’s just so many free exciting activities going on in the outside courtyard of the Piazza that not acknowledging it in this list would be quite foolish. On any given night you might find yourself taking in a movie or Phillies game as it airs on it’s super-sized video screen. Or you might check out a few bands while you dance alongside it’s gigantic stage. or maybe you just bask in it’s weekly outdoor craft fair, before you go for a bite to eat. The Piazza

Dumpster Divers Gallery and Area 919 – Quite possibly two of the most unique galleries in Philadelphia. Dumpster Divers is an aptly titled art gallery that was originated by a group of trash artists who dumpster dive to uncover their subject matter. It goes without saying that the results can be quite unique. With two exhibition spaces, AREA 919 is committed to presenting both high quality shows of works by established and emerging contemporary artists alongside an evolving collection of carefully selected antiques and decorative objects. By addressing these two intersecting but often distant worlds, AREA 919 attempts to establish a dialogue that will use the energy of Philadelphia’s emerging art scene to activate a renewed taste and love for the objects that have given texture to the everyday lives of the past.Since both have some good opening ceremonies and special days for their exhibits there can be good opportunities to view. Dumpster Divers Area 919

The Free Library Of Philadelphia – An obvious choice to go with since free is in the title. But the main library branch, and a few of the others have lived up to that title with their countless author events, performances, and the chance to just pick up a few good DVD’s for your viewing enjoyment. The writer of this story can attest to seeing the likes of Irvine Welsh, Art Spiegelman, and Chuck Palahniuk speak. and they have at least 3-5 good events to check out on a weekly basis. Library Events

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