Wherever independents fall on the supposed political “spectrum”, if they ARE on the political “spectrum”, (i.e. they do exist!) Many MSM publishers seek increasing irrelevance if they don’t see the direction that the American people are headed…. While it’s clear that independents are “all over the map” on social issues, they increasingly come together on the need for political reform. Stay tuned!
Thanks to Peter Allen for this:
Mayor Bloomberg became an independent in the summer of 2007 (2 years ago…), having been elected in 2001 with his margin of victory on the NYC Independence Party, and again in 2005 which saw the emergence of an influential black and independent alliance — 60% of the independent vote and 47% of the black vote. Mike Bloomberg has been endorsed by the NYC Independence Party for re-election this year.

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Politics News Headlines for Independents 8/6/09