OK, “karaoke” isn’t really the right word for what you can see and do at Martuni’s—but it’s the first that came to mind. Normally I don’t write about eating/drinking establishments here at CultureMob; given that Martuni’s is more than just a place to get smashed, however, I think I’ll let it slide.

Located in the Hayes Valley area, Martuni’s is a piano bar with damn tasty drinks and some great music, too. My favorite nights to go are Tuesdays and Sundays (why, hey, that’s tonight!), because the incomparable Katy Stephan performs. She plays the piano and sings, or she plays the piano and you sing, or you all sing together. Jazz, Broadway, standards, even contemporary pop—take your pick. Meanwhile, you can sip a delicious cocktail.

Martuni’s is a 10-minute walk from Civic Center BART. (Please don’t drive—you’re going to get at least a little tipsy.) Most drinks are $8 plus tip. The music is free, but there’s a tip jar on the piano. Use it!

Community Martuni’s Offers “Karaoke” With a Twist