I run an online girl’s guide to Seattle, requiring me to be in the know and on the town as much as my schedule and meager budget allow. While I do receive press releases and am notified of some of the Seattle’s hottest events and destinations, it’s ultimately up to me to find out the best ways to stay on top of the city.

Here’s a quick list of some resources I turn to when I need specific information, fast.

GoTime – A go to source for happy hour, any hour of any day! Whoever thought of this is a genius! I’ve downloaded the iphone app & I love to check out what happy hours are going on near me.

One Bus Away
– Locate your next bus. I use the iphone friendly site for this service. In times when I’m stuck at a stop w/ no clue as to if the bus as come or gone, I pop open this handy little site & get the lowdown on when I can expect my next ride.

CultureMob – Being a culture vulture isn’t limited to tourists. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and keep up with the local arts, events, & all around Seattle info- this is your place!

Boutique Culture – With a soon to launch website, Boutique Culture will be the one-stop spot for all things boutique shopping.

NW Source
– I regularly come here to figure out what shopping events are happening through the week/wknd.

Seattle Yelp – Any time I’m looking to check out a new resto & don’t have any leads, I turn to the opinions of Yelpers for help in the destination search of my next meal!

MyBallard – All things Ballard, all the time! This site keeps me up to date on all the goings on of Ballard.

Citysearch Seattle – I have long been a fan and in recent years they’ve included such great features as peer reviews and my personal fave, features from the editor. These features include everything from up & coming culinary masters in Seattle to the perfect ladies night out. No matter the topic, I’ve found it inspiration for my Seattle outing.

Girl’s Guide to Seattle – written by a girl dedicated to reporting on all things fashion, events, food, and nightlife; all things Seattle.

Forgive me, I had to do the shameless plug! 😉

Do you use any resources? What are your faves? I’d love to hear them!

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