• Chafee On Ballot Would Complicate Rhode Island Race (By Emma Dumain, CQ Politics)
  • Why Indie Voters Don’t Make California Purple (Jerry Roberts, Huffington Post) Others, like Dave Lesher and Mark Baldassare of the Public Policy Institute of California, have made the case more subtly, arguing that because California’s independents combine strains of social liberals and fiscal conservatives, “their vote is up for grabs.” “Independents’ attitudes, in contrast to that of Democrats and Republicans, don’t fit neatly into traditional liberal and conservative camps,” the two wrote in a LAT op-ed in 2006, adding that this made for “a surprising degree of uncertainty and volatility.”
  • What’s Next In Afganistan? (Talk Talk, Independent political strategist Fred Newman on the current state of the independent movement: Now the real question is: Is there going to be an acceptable redistribution of wealth in this country, which really helps the poor? The rich are going to keep making money. But will the white working class support continued help for the poor, who are increasingly of color? They have not done it before. Will they do it this time? Obama’s about to find out….”
  • Polarization is paralyzing California-The path to moderation starts with an open primary and the end of gerrymandering. (George Skelton, Capitol Journal, LA Times) What’s going on is that moderates have been abandoning the two major parties and registering as nonpartisan independents, or “Decline to State.” In 1978, about 8% of voters were independents. In 1992, it was 10%. Today it’s 20%. “The fastest growing segments of non-partisans are Latinos and Asians,” DiCamillo says. “We’re talking about first-generation citizens with few ties to a party.”
  • Sign a petition in support of open primaries at Open
Mike Bloomberg’s campaign (he’s an independent running on the Independence Party line — Column C on the ballot) could have big significance not only for New York City, but for the nation — AND the independent movement. What are the political parties do to?! Read local press at your own risk!
Long-time independent and nemesis of the formidable Bronx County Dem Machine is one point up on (so far so good….) the Machine. Now the NY State Senate Majority Leader, Espada fights the good fight! Witness the (really) bad NY press… Cherche le source!
Hey did you know there’s an independent running for Gov in NJ?? Keep watching the state-wide and local races for the rise of significance of indpendent voters!

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