And this isn’t some other guy playing Pee Wee, but Paul Reubens, THE Pee Wee!  The show will have a limited run from November 19-29th at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.  For those of you like me that remember Pee Wee from the TV series, it actually originated as a successful stage show and later became the CBS show that brought Pee Wee to the rest of us around the country.

This returned version features Pee Wee and several of his old pals, Miss Yvonne, Mailman Mike, Jambi the Genie and yes, apparently the chair will be there too!  No word on whether Laurence Fishburne will return as Cowboy Curtis (which, by the way, was very cool casting and against the norm) though somehow, I doubt Morpheus will do it.

Although Pee Wee, I mean Paul Reubens, has done other projects like Blow and 30 Rock, he is and always will be Pee Wee.  I know he was burnt out on playing Pee Wee (and even now among the 36 pics on his IMDB profile, none are of Pee Wee) but I am glad he is returning to his much beloved character.

Apparently there is a movie in the works too, but that won’t be for some time, so enjoy Pee Wee L.A.!

And if you have forgotten just how fun Pee Wee is, go to the site, where you hear that unique and amusing Pee Wee laugh.

Culture Pee Wee is Back at LA Theatre in November!