“Right now insurance companies are rationing care. They are basically telling you what’s covered and what’s not. They’re telling you: ‘We’ll cover this drug, but we won’t cover that drug; you can have this procedure, or, you can’t have that procedure’. So why is it that people would prefer having insurance companies make those decisions, rather than medical experts and doctors figuring out what are good deals for care and providing that information to you as a consumer and your doctor so you can make the decisions?”
– Obama at his health care town hall today

I’ve written about this before recently and it still baffles me that people are completely fine with corporations making these decisions based on quarterly earnings, but they’re not okay with the people they democratically elect appointing health care professionals making these decisions based on the common good.

I suppose it speaks to the amount folks have bought in to the idea that profit and capitalism are the greatest goods and that government can do nothing right…which we all know is a crock. Either that or they genuinely don’t understand how amoral private health care insurance is. As with most things it’s likely a combination of both, but wow…what a crazy, messed up situation we find ourselves in these days.

But here’s a question…what if Republicans win this fight? What is their fix to this? Because they’ll HAVE to fix it if they get the White House.

More as it develops…

Politics Quote Of The Day – On Private Rationing