The Man, the Music, the Choreography… the Weirdness. If you had a ticket to Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour at London’s O2 Arena and are still in mourning, Who’s Bad, the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band plays Denver August 29th at the Bluebird Theater on Colfax.

I list this event because– while I initially guffawed when I saw it– I’ve eventually grown to see that the only thing weirder than Michael Jackson and a Michael Jackson concert… is someone pretending to be Michael Jackson in concert as part of a Michael Jackson Tribute Band. Something about the layers of oddness make me feel that this could be a delicious adventure into the absurd.

Founded in North Carolina in 2004, one can only imagine the business this group is doing now given that since MJ’s untimely death, he’s had three of the Top 5 best-selling albums of the week, six in the Top 30, every Top 10 album on the catalog chart, 800,000 in total album sales and almost 3 million downloads.

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