You’ve probably seen the “Mortified” books in stores. You flipped through one, read some of the stories, and cringed appropriately. Think that was awkward? Try watching it performed live.

For those not in the nerdy know, I’ll let actor and “Mortified” performer Tom Lenk explain: “Performers and non-performers read, much to the delight of the audience, their mortifying journals, diaries, essays, lyrics … basically anything they wrote during their adolescence. As an audience member several times myself, I can tell you that I couldn’t stop laughing.”

That’s right—prepare to hear teenage love letters read aloud. As a show, “Mortified” tours around the country. This Friday and Saturday, you can catch the live performance at the Make-Out Room. The shows start at 8 p.m., and you can buy tickets at the door for $15, or get a nifty $3 discount and guaranteed admittance by purchasing them in advance online.

The line-up changes, with performers ranging from amateurs to professionals. It doesn’t really matter as long as they have awkward material from their angsty past. Tom Lenk announced on his Twitter that he will be appearing at both San Francisco dates. “Buffy” fans—I know you’re out there—will remember Lenk for his role as nerdy villain-turned-hero Andrew during the shows final seasons.

“Turns out we were all writing and thinking about the same things when we were teenagers, whether we were a football player or a band nerd. We still wanted people to like us,” Lenk says. “It’s hilarious, often times touching, and for me a personally healing experience to enjoy with a raucous audience.”

Incidentally, Lenk will be performing lyrics he wrote in junior high and high school. I’m sold.

Photo courtesy Mortified.

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