I have to say when I saw Pete Yorn had a new ablum I got excited. Songs from his 2001 musicforthemorningafter are still in my constant shuffle of songs on the ipod. Plus, he was such a babe.  Now comes Break Up, with it’s September 15th release.  It’s a duet ablum (which is always cause for alarm) but from the first song to be released, it looks to be a good one.news1

This album is done with Starlet, I mean Scarlett Johansson, and features songs written by Yorn.  SJ released an album last year, covers of Waits and one original.  Although the album had David Bowie on two tracks (!), the reviews were mostly not kind, and it did not garner tons of sales.  While others have made some not so kind remarks on her voice, on the first song Relator I think she sounds appropriate-for-her-generation chill.  Some may think that it’s an attempt at blues or something otherwise drawl-sounding, but I think its just twenty something chillness and it sounds quite good on this catchy, fun song. You can get it now on itunes, etc.

Although I don’t think the video matches the song Relator, it is nonetheless a good tune and I am excited for the albums September 15 release.  It’s more Pete, and that’s always promising.

Tickets go on sale soon for Pete’s LA shows at the Henry Ford Theatre on August 27, 28.  He is on tour around the US now. 

Apparently musicforthemorningafter lead to a breakup. It happens, Pete, it happens.

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