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2009 Vendy Awards Come to Queens!


vendyThere is a special time of year, when deliciousness abounds and people walk the streets with smiles on their faces and good will towards all street vendors. Of course, that day could really be any day when one passes a food truck in NYC, but I’m talking about a truly special time, a time of love and food for all, the Vendy Awards! This September 26th, descend on Queens for the meal (or several) of a lifetime!

The finalists have been announced, and they include (direct from the site, full notes and videos here):
Biryani Cart – Meru Sikder
Traditional Indian
46th and 6th, Midtown Manhattan
2008 Vendy Awards People’s Taste winner
“Biryani cart is the best vendor food in NYC, hands down. My American friends are addicted to it. I’ll put his spicy chicken biryani or spicy buradi rolls up against anything you can get in a restaurant, and Meru & his team will take the prize.”

The King of Falafel – Fares “Freddy” Zeidaies
Middle Eastern
30th Street and Broadway, Astoria
2007 Vendy Awards Finalist
“His food is out of this world. We call his chicken “crack chicken” because you can’t help yourself from coming back… Watching them work is like watching a ballet, except instead of nutcrackers there are falafels. They move in synchronized magic, preparing your order in mere seconds, while simultaneously taking scores of orders from the ever-present line of people at their stand. Do these fine men deserve attention? NO! THEY DESERVE GODSHIP! THEY ARE THE FALAFEL PROPHETS!”

Rickshaw Dumpling – Kenny Lao
For locations, check their Twitter or Website (details in this article).
First Vendy Awards appearance
“Their dumplings are the best I’ve ever had – by far. I will travel far and wide to eat their delicious dumplings – I dream about the Thai chicken ones! I check their Twitter daily to see if they’re nearby – and if they’re even remotely close to where I am, I’ll find them!”

Jamaican Dutchy – O’Neill Reid
51st Street & 7th Avenue, Midtown
First Vendy Awards appearance
“Jamaican Dutchy’s food is soooooo delicious, they have a TV playing reggae videos, and they serve up the phenomenal food with a smile. Seriously, the jerk chicken is the best chicken dish in Manhattan. Thank you, Jamaican Dutchy, for bringing authentic Jamaican food to Midtown streets and for being the most entertaining vendor in town!”

Country Boys/Martinez Taco Truck– Fernando & Jolanda Martinez
Traditional Mexican/Puebla
Red Hook Ball Fields (Clinton and Bay), weekends 9am-9pm & Brooklyn Flea (Lafayette and Vanderbilt), Saturdays 11am-5pm
First Vendy Awards appearance
“Every winter I dream of their huaraches and summer afternoons at the Red Hook ball fields. You watch the huaraches get made – pressing and cooking the tortillas, layering meat and cheese and all the other fillings and sauces – and when you are handed this unbelievable huge plate of deliciousness, you wonder how you are ever going to finish it. Next thing you know, it’s gone and you are already planning your next trip to Red Hook for another one.”

Get your tickets while you can, this is going to be quite a delicious event!