Fat kids and former fat kids rejoice! This Wednesday, Lombard Street—you know, the really crooked one—will be transformed into a giant Candyland board in honor of the game’s 60th anniversary. The event is being set up for kids from UCSF’s Children’s Hospital, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out and watch. (Incidentally, don’t feel too bad for not being able to play yourself. Those of us who have played the game at an age older than eight know all too well that it’s surprisingly dull and doesn’t involve any actual candy consumption.)

Actors will be portraying characters from the game, which I find half-exciting and half-terrifying: sure, I wouldn’t mind chatting with Princess Lolly, but Lord Licorice has haunted by dreams since childhood. There’s also going to be a big birthday cake, though no word on whether that’s reserved for gameplayers. Keep your fingers crossed!

This is kind of unrelated, but in researching this post, I learned that the character of Plumpy has been discontinued. No Plumpy?! How else are kids supposed to learn about the dangers of candy abuse? Not to mention the fact that he’s adorable. Folks who hit up Lombard Street Wednesday, see if the organizers have decided to include a Plumpy. If he’s not there, I humbly suggest a protest.

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