I don’t know where to start!

Do I begin with how they have restorations workshops? Classes so you can make your own neon signs, err, art.  Or that they have ‘cruise’ around LA to see examples of neon art in its natural habitat – on a London bus?  

Opened in 1981, the Museum of Neon Art is the ‘only museum devoted exclusively to art in electric media.’  I’ll buy that.  Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the museum offers classes to make and tours of neon signage around Los Angeles – in the aforementioned London Double Decker Bus.  The Museum offers classes and an exhibition of its permanent collection (how many times can you see a Dionysos statue at the The Villa or Rauschenberg at LACMA?) as well as changing ones (the kinetic art and neon’s change every 6 months.)  They also have a preservation project, which seeks to keep the beginnings of this art movement from being lost or eroding.  You know, all those cool neon signs on the top of those gorgeous old buildings.mona-nea-2-325

And if you are sick of the boring old painting and drawing classes at the Getty, you can take classes to ‘create your own sculpture or neon sign’. In the classes covered topics include a history of neon signs and art, and ‘interpretation of ideas into neon sign’ (come on! That’s great.)

Looking for a location for a party or other event, you can rent out the space as well.

The website also has a fun active demo (kinda like those at Children’s museums, but for adults) on how the neon works. It lets you set it up, and then explains the nucleus of a neon atom. This Museum is not playing around.   

Who knew neon was art?  They did, so go and see and learn and build.

Culture Museum of Neon Art in Downtown L.A., Neon Cruise and Classes