What do George Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have in common?

Cindy Sheehan.

The anti-war protester who used to stake herself at George Bush’s ranch in Texas will now follow the Obamas’ to their vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. Her cause is to protest the continuing wars in the Middle East.

She also ran against Nancy Pelosi last November as an Independent. Sheehan garnered 16% of the vote to Pelosi’s 72%.

Her visit to Martha’s Vineyard is unlikely to generate the attention she received in Texas, however. Most liberals are not criticizing Obama as they did Bush, partially because those wars remain linked in the minds of most American with George Bush.

Sheehan said she plans to be at Martha’s Vineyard because “the body bags aren’t taking a vacation.”

With that in mind, I guess Barack Obama is not supposed to either.


Politics Now That Bush Is Gone, Sheehan Plans Protest Of Obama’s Vacation