Not that this is any surprise, but the speed in which they’re signaling they won’t accept any reform package is startling.

Just check out what Senator Jon Kyl is saying today…

President Barack Obama has vowed to veto any bill that would increase the deficit over the long term, but Kyl said that a revenue-neutral bill probably won’t get much GOP support either.

“I have no doubt that they can make it revenue neutral to find enough ways to tax the American people, but that doesn’t mean the Republicans will support it,” Kyl said.

On the nonprofit insurance cooperatives that Sen. Kent Conrad and other centrist Democrats are proposing as an alternative to a public plan, Kyl said it was a “Trojan horse.”

“It’s a step towards government-run health care in this country,” Kyl said.

Yes, folks everything is a Trojan horse. Any additional competition that puts pressure on private insurance to reform their policies so they don’t condemn thousands to unmanageable health care costs every year is a bad thing because it’s not a FOR PROFIT enterprise. It’s this same old, tired “government is always wrong, capitalism is always right” meme that people just blindly accept because it’s easy to blame the government.

However, is it odd to anybody else that Repubilcans will rubber stamp nearly every single increase for defense spending without knowing whether or not we’re going to get something out of it, but when we talk about needed reforms that could actually help normal Americans lead better lives, well, a big fat NO to that.

Also, GOP “leader” John Boehner weighed in as well…

[He] likened the administration to a school yard bully intent on stealing lunch money, and accused the nation’s drug makers of “cutting a deal with the bully.”

In a letter to Billy Tauzin, the head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Boehner said the industry had agreed to a deal with the White House “in hopes of securing favorable treatment and future profits.”

PhRMA agreed to pick up no more than $80 billion in costs for health care overhaul over the next decade, under a deal with the White House. It also will spend as much as $150 million in the next few months on television ads to promote health care legislation.

Ken Johnson, senior vice president at PhRMA, said in response to Boehner’s letter: “We have been working diligently for more than a year to advance bipartisan health care reform. We’re proud of those efforts, and they are completely consistent with our core principals.”

I’ll let that nonsense speak for itself. Ugh.

Here’s the thing…Obama is going to have to pick a plan and soon. My guess is it’ll be the co-ops because some Senate Republicans would actually vote for it. So it would be the same situation as the stimulus. Basically, Republicans weren’t going to accept any legislation except they wrote (which is unrealistic when you’re in the minority), so craft legislation with the support of the Republicans you need and move on. To me, that’s as realistically bipartisan you can get when the other side refuses to meet you 60% of the way on the issue.

What do you think?

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