Walk Philly

Take an immersive trip through the diverse streets and neighborhoods of Philadelphia. WALK PHILLY is a series of video tours that you can download onto your ipod or iphone. You can then follow along in the actual location to get a unique first person experience of the space.

Each video tour is a personal interpretation evoking different moods, memories and histories. Some are led by artists, historians and community organizers. Some are created by filmmakers incorporating experimental and fictional elements into the tour.

• Click a walk location on the map
• Download it to your iPod/iPhone
• Go to the start location and play the video
• Follow its path for a first person exploration of the space

It goes without saying that the majority of these tours provide walking the streets of Philadelphia a creative and interactive new interpretation. But just how far do they delve? Here’s a look at some of the videos that you can download.

Have You Seen the Szechuan Shoe? – Shoe is the well known alias of a Philadelphia street artist whose trademark canvas just happens to be the sticker. In this video you follow him throughout the streets of Chinatown as he leaves his mark. his main directive in the end is to return a missing shoe to one of his friends. Szechuan Shoe

Ethel Cee walks City Hall – Ethel Cee has introduced herself to Philly audiences as well as gaining the attention of crowds abroad. Deftly combining drum’n’bass, house, and hip-hop and a resume getting longer by the minute, her rhymes about everything from love and loss to politics are sure to position her as the girl “who’s got next” in the hip-hop/dance scene. in this video you can join her as she walks through City Hall and gives her own insight. Ethel Cee

Kelpius Cave – Take the walk of the mystics! Johannes Kelpius and his followers arrived in newly-founded Philadelphia from Germany in 1694 and chose the wild and beautiful Wissahickon as the best place to await the millennium. The mystics became known as “the Hermits of the Wissahickon,” “The Society of the Woman in the Wilderness” or the “Mystic Brotherhood.” Kelpius Cave is allegedly the major spot where the group practiced their rituals, and this video gives you the chance to follow in their footsteps. Kelpius Cave

Before The Bridge – A reflection of what the streets surrounding the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge were like before the Bridge’s construction. A random phone conversation is your narrator for this cobblestone tour. Before The Bridge

Warren Oree Walks Northern Liberties & Ortleib’s Jazzhaus – Warren Oree began playing the upright bass in 1973 at age 25. In 1975 he joined the group “Weusi Mutribu” and in 1979 he started the group that he leads today – The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble. When Warren isn’t performing, he’s busy behind the scenes composing, producing and arranging original works. Since 1990, Warren has been lecturing and presenting workshops on jazz, music composition, and other aspects of music and its business at libraries, public and private schools, and universities. He has played at Ortleib’s Jazzhaus during several occasions throughout his prestigious career, and he knows the history of it’s surrounding area quite well. This tour gives a walk through in his footsteps. Warren Oree

But this is only just a sample of the variety of video tours that you can download off of the site. And you can even join the people behind the tour as they give a personal walkthrough as part of this years Philadelphia Fringe Festival.They will be at the Painted Bride Arts Center September 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th.

Community Termite TV Collective Presents the Walk Philly Tour