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Fringe Finale, But Fear Not — Fringe Encore, September 10th to September 27th


The 13th annual New York International Fringe Festival is ending on Sunday, August 30th. Perhaps, like me, you’ve seen some of the shows. (I focused on Fringe food shows). Perhaps you’ve seen none. It’s unlikely you’ve seen all 201.

You have a chance at a do-over — minus the lousy shows (all 189 of them) — when The Fringe Encore series, this year running from September 10th to September 27th, offers about a dozen of the “most talked-about” productions from the just-completed festival. Tickets for the series are $18 and go on sale Monday, August 31, the day after the festival ends with a free closing night and awards party at The Gramercy Theater, 127 East 23rd Street.

What shows will be presented again at the Fringe Encore series? The Fringe festival organizers will release that information soon, but based on reviews and what word of mouth I’ve heard, six of them are likely to be:

Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party
A schoolteacher goes on trial for alluding to President Lincoln’s “special friendship” with Joshua Speed.

devil-boys-from-beyondDevil Boys From Beyond
Aliens from outer space turn out to be muscle studs who attach themselves to old ladies in Florida in this sci-fi spoof.

Dirty Stuff
One-man show starring Jonny McGovern

Candide Americana
Update of Voltaire that attacks the right wing.

The weird life and weirder career of composer and inventor Raymond Scott, whose music is familiar to anybody who has ever watched cartoons (or The Simpsons)

Harold Pinter Pair
“The Lover” is about the strange marital games a couple plays; “Ashes to Ashes” shows a woman recounting past torture to a man who may or may not have been involved.

Update: I guessed correctly with “Powerhouse” and “Devil Boys From Beyond.” The other four are not listed as part of Fringe Encores; perhaps some of them will take their good notices and try to have a regular Off-Broadway run.
Here is a list of the other shows in Fringe Encores (go to the Fringe Encores Web site for details on the shows)
The Boys Upstairs
IContemporary American’s Guide to A Successful Marriage @ 1959
His Greatness
And Sophie Comes Too
Sex and the Holy Land
Notes On the Land of Earthquake and Fire
I Can Haz Cheezburger, the MusicaLOL
Tales from the Tunnel
Willy Nilly
Muffin Man
The K of D
Jesus Ride