“We’ve debunked about a dozen myths so far — from the outlandish ‘Death Panel’ claims to the idea that we’re eliminating Medicare benefits. But the biggest myth of all is that our health insurance system is just fine, that there is no serious need for reform. I heard one opponent of reform in congress say and I quote, ‘This is not a major issue among the American people.’ Nothing, nothing could be more further from the truth.”  (8/31/09, online video)

If there’s one thing Obama has always loved, it’s getting people involved via viral videos. Now he’s asking the American people to speak up at Whitehouse.gov and make the case that health care is an important issue. It seems shocking that anyone would suggest it’s not important, although many critics in the purple states are saying that Obama has too much on his plate. They’re saying they’re not quite ready for so much change right now. However, presidential polls continually reaffirm the fact that the president is never as popular later on in his presidency as he is at the beginning, so if he truly wants health care reform, it’s wise of him to pursue it sooner, rather than later. It would also be wise for him to take a more bipartisan approach to the issue and move to pass things both sides can agree upon, rather than holding out for a Nancy Pelosi-esque, “All or Nothing” stand-off.

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