Every Wednesday night throughout the summer months, hundreds of bicycle riders flood the streets of downtown Denver, often dressed in flamboyant costumes.  No, it isn’t an early Halloween tradition, it is the weekly ride of the Denver Cruisers.

The Denver Cruisers are a recently formed bicycling group committed simply to having fun and letting loose, while practicing a “safety first” attitude.  Beginning each Wednesday night at about 8:30 P.M. at the Ginn Mill (located at 2041 Larimer St.), this group serves as an outlet to meet other Denver locals, while doing something they love (riding bikes and partying) and each week the ride cruises around various downtown locations.  Along the way many riders join and drop away from the pack, and at the end of the night it all culminates in the dreaded “Circle of Death” (ok so it actually is not a scary thing, more of an interesting sight) in which half the remaining riders at the end of the night ride in a clockwise circle, while the rest ride counterclockwise.

Founder Brad Evans, the editor and publisher of Kickstand Magazine, created Denver Cruisers in 2005 as an answer to the lack of an organized bicycle ride in Denver.  What started off as only a few riders in the beginning has now turned into hundreds, each participating in a weekly theme including South of the Border, Hobos and Hillbillies, and Cops and Robbers (just to name a few).

Riders are encouraged to obey the rules of the road, and to use common sense.  Anyone is welcome, as long as they have some sort of contraption complete with pedals and wheels, and all bike enthusiasts are encouraged to join.

To learn more about your next Wednesday night tradition, visit www.denvercruisers.com

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