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Food Photo Workshop at the Queen Anne Farmers’ Market


Learn how to craft compelling photo stories about purple carrots and freshly baked bread.

The Seattle food scene is like a piece of well-written fiction: crisp, new, exciting, creative and never boring. An army of down-to-earth, gastronomic artists (inventive and seductive chefs, and passionate, compelling writers and bloggers) pair up nicely with enthusiast table companions or solo foodies.

Amorously documented by all these groups, this scene has become a kaleidoscope that has triggered interest in the Emerald City’s cuisine all over the country.

Are you interested in becoming a collaborator in this wonderful movement?

If you love food, what is better than blogging about your experiences? With tools like Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter—Seattle’s foodies favorites— making posting about gourmet adventures so easy, many Seattleites are using these to tell stories about food and the love of it. cupcake

Many use or want to use photos. So, if you loved the fiery red on those tomatoes, or if you are intrigued by the purple carrots you saw at the Farmers Market (and want to share your amazement) this will come handy for you.

On Thursday, September 3rd (5:30pm to 7:00pm) I will be teaching a Food Photo Workshop at the Queen Anne Farmers Market. That day, the theme of the Market will be “Beautiful Food Day”. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as we are going to be talking about food and aesthetics in photography, as extensively as one-hour-and-a-half will allow me to!

To give you a little background on the location, the Queen Anne Farmers Market is a community-managed, nonprofit, “all food and farm” market, committed to supporting local farms and growing a great food community.

Farmers Markets are fundamental to Seattle’s food scene. They are the cone of the ice cream, the veggies and fruits of the gazpacho, the blackberries on top of the cupcake. That is why this is a wonderful opportunity to learn some basic tips about photography and how to take pictures of food. We will take advantage of the spectacular specimens sold by the flower vendors, the beautiful produce items, and other products at the Market.

Their goals are as important as the products they sell. Julie Whitehorn, Chair of the QAFM Association says, “At grocery stores, only 5 cents of each dollar spent on produce goes to the farmer. At our market, 94 cents goes to the farmer!”

Isn’t that a wonderful reason to pop in and buy a few things from them?

They also use social media to connect with their vendors—20% of them use Twitter—as well as chefs, authors and teachers. The result is “a vibrant, creative, modern piazza offering food for body and soul,” Whitehorn proudly says.

Whether you have only a toy camera, a point and shoot, or a “super duper prosumer” camera, this workshop is designed for all levels of photography enthusiasts.

Join us for this fun activity while shopping at our fabulous neighborhood Farmers Market! Queen Anne Farmers Market: Thursdays 3-7 pm, June 18th to October 1st West Crockett & Queen Anne Ave.

More info at Follow QAFM on Twitter @qafarmersmarket