If you haven’t already bought tickets to this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), I can tell you now you won’t be going unless you find another source for tickets other than the official one.

This fairly new gaming expo, begun in 2004, has grown into what Wikipedia calls “the biggest gamer festival in North America.” It’s held in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center – the entire Convention Center – and apparently even that isn’t big enough to hold all the people who want to attend. The message on the official website reads:

For those of you that managed to register, excellent! For those that missed it, I’m sorry! We have no more badges to sell to you! Yes, this includes day-of sales, so please please please do not come to the Convention Center if you do not have a badge! Either wait for PAX East or PAX 2010! Thanks!

Don’t entirely despair, however, as one-day tickets and three-day passes are being sold on Craigslist. And I’m sure you know all about how to avoid scams and be safe when buying through craigslist. Right?

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