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Terror Behind the Walls 2009 is Coming to Eastern State Penitentiary

Nightwatch Is just one of the twisted adventures that is part of Terror Behind The Walls
Nightwatch Is just one of the twisted adventures that is part of Terror Behind The Walls

Terror Behind the Walls has been startling attendees since 1995, And AOL City Guide has even dubbed it the scariest haunted house in the country (AOL City Guide). And since it plans to unveil a mysterious new sector called Infirmary, 2009 should be no exception.

Eastern State Penitentiary will take you on many of the disturbingly entertaining thrill rides that have previously made it’s Haunted House so enticing. With Intake you’ll board a porison bus that will take you to the processing center, where you will journey through the delousing chamber, finger printing, and mugshots room. And finally youwill visit with the Warden himself. Lockdown welcomes you to the cell block. You’ll quickly realize that crime doesn’t pay, as you find yourself locked in the world of electric fences, dark corridors and rattling cell doors. the prison might be abandoned, but you’re not alone! In Night Watch you visit a dark and distant void that is enhanced by an eerie sound. Your flash light cuts the fog, and is your only saving grace from the twisted shadows.But their’s something evil constantly lurking behind you on the prowl! In Yard Out you gather outside of Cell Block 7, the infamous part of the precinct that has been featured on the likes of MTV’s “Fear”, and Fox’s “Scariest Places on Earth”. Don’t let your guard down during the video tour, or the cast of roaming ghouls will be sure to eat you alive! The Experiment is a 3d adventure in which the prison doctor is seeking out some forced volunteers. Step into the mind of this madman where reality becomes illusion, and illusion becomes reality! But the patients are taking over the madhouse, and this experiment is going hideously wrong!

Throughout this tour you will also be able to visit things like Al Capone’s cell, the prison museum, and other parts of the place that is known as America’s most haunted prison (Real Ghost Sightings). The 2009 season begins on September 18. Please see our website calendar for 2009 dates, times & prices. Group tickets are on sale now. Individual tickets go on sale on September 10.

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