It’s been a long time since Chicago has been graced with the beautiful presence of sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady, better known as CocoRosie. After troubles during their tour in 2007 forced them to cancel, US shows have been rare. Surprisingly CocoRosie has direct ties to our fair city, since thankfully legendary Chicago label Touch and Go Records scooped the band up in 2004 and have been releasing their dreamy brand of eclectic and sentimental music ever since.

My first encounter with the band was their debut release, La Maison de Mon Reve, a haunting mix of delicate tunes. The sister’s vocals are soft and crackle, striking a balance between the sparse instrumentation, while also infusing elements of folk and hip-hop. In a music world full of stereotypical sound, CocoRosie truly stand out and shine. Sometimes the best way to describe music is with a setting or feeling, and CocoRosie reminds me of waking up in the morning while the sun flutters across your face, a crisp and fresh new day breaking. Or laying outside on a beautiful breezy summer day, the cool grass against your skin as you stare at the clouds. It’s an abstract description, but if you give CocoRosie a listen, you’ll understand.

Make sure to stop by Logan Square Auditorium Friday night, where you’ll be able to see the band on their first North American tour in 2 years, and hear music from their forthcoming album, which is scheduled for release early next year.

CocoRosie perform at Logan Square Auditorium Friday September 11th. The show starts at 9pm, and tickets are $20.

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