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L.A. County Fair: Safari, Hot Dogs and Carnival!


On the website it has a rotating wheel of fun things to do at the fair and I think it was #256 that said you can have a snowball fight.  Now that’s worth heading to Pomona for, non?

Happening now til October 4, the Los Angeles County Fair is on.  There are retailers and educational events and tons of other things that I had no idea happened at County Fairs. It kinda makes L.A. seem like a nice small town in the midwest where people go to have fun with family and friends.  The kinda place a Michael J. Fox movie in the 80’s would happen (maybe it did, that Doc one?)  Anyway there is a ton to do and since it’s going on for a month more you got time.

There is an entrance fee (kids under 5 are free), but there are tons of discount ticket days and discount groups (students, seniors, etc.) and UCLA, Ralphs, McDonalds partnerships for cheaper or free tickets.

There are tons of events and foods and things to do so head to the Pomona Fairplex.

I have no idea how L.A. does it  but its nice to see L.A. come together to have fun.

(Number 127 is go to concerts.  Number 123 is watch pig races.  Number 217 is milk a cow.  Number 74 is meet real pirates.  I know!)