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Madonna Celebration New Video Release


It might be bad to say but I’ve never been a raging Madonna music fan.

I like that she has been pushing the limits for women for the past 25 years, making it easier for women to make their own lives, whatever shape will take (I won’t get all Steinhem here), but her music was always so-so for me.  I get why people love her, and she has some songs that I do love, but mostly I think she is OK.

Her new song Celebration has a new video which is both a throwback to 80’s breakdance models of people standing around watching one person show their stuff, while having more modern elements (although did anyone else think her parts recalled the Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson video for Scream? Maybe I still have MJ on the brain). It’s not the usual dance video, but the song has a good beat and the video being different in look and style is cool. Hey, it’s Madonna, of course it’s cool.  The song is fun and well, you can judge, but I was surprised there were only 309 hits on the you tube link.   Must be other ones, cuz that doesnt seem a very Lady M stat. Especially since Germany made it number one in hours and they released a single due to demand.

You can see both her new guy and her daughter (in a flash, were it not for the press release you couldn’t tell it was anything other than some dancer) so if you want that you got it here.  It’s directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also directed her Ray of Light video, and there is a clear similarity (kinda like Where’s Waldo, you figure it out.)

The video is a free download at itunes for the next 48 hours starting today.

The compilation CD ‘Celebration’ will be released September 28.

As for a live show, if you are in Tel Aviv tonight’s your lucky night.  Go get your Madonna on.